vinapple (vinapple) wrote,

My First Week

Hello 2017!

Hello Livejournal....

It's Vina, who's always been unactive, again.

So... here I would like to tell you all, who maybe, probably, still like checking on my stuff in this site, that I've moved to Australia to pursue my master. I've just arrived about a week ago and I'll be here for about 2 years, what a long time to spend. I have been adapting well I think and my maximum concern now is how I can fangirl in this country. If there is one of you who live in Australia please kindly tell how can I access all of my fangirling stuffs here.

If I cannot access those, I'm sure that I will be off fujoshi-ing for a while until I return to my country, which is not fun really. I cannot imagine my whole life without fangirling here while I'm sure the stress of doing master is unbearable.

I will try to do something new though. I really want to write again but let see what can I do here.

That's what I have been thinking this week. Trying so hard to be able to adapt and improve myself. Wish me luck guys.

Still spreading the love,
Tags: privatelife, ryugaku
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