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For you, who wants to know me:

I am Vina. I have been living here in Indonesia since I was inside my mother’s tummy. I was born on the same month and in the same year as Yamada Ryosuke from Hey! Say! JUMP. My blood type is also the same with him. Unfortunately, I am neither a good singer nor a good dancer. I graduated from English Education major in my city and now I am on the process of achieving my dreams (struggling days and nights).

My first encounter with Japan was when I was in my elementary school. At that time, there were a bunch of Japanese dramas and animes on local televisions (now, everything is replaced with those stupid soap operas). Since that time, I have been reading manga and watching anime till now. The first JE group I knew was Arashi since Matsumoto Jun’s Hanadan was broadcasted as midnight program (It took real effort to be awake then) on local channel. Then, my friend lent me her DVD “Tantei Gakuen Q” and that was the first meeting of Yamada and I. After that, I became aware of the existence of Hey! Say! JUMP and Johnny’s Entertainment. In my high school, I had a friend who was a fan of JE and from her I gathered a lot of information. Although I have been mentioning Yamada Ryosuke many times in this entry, I am not a Yamada Oshi (or whatever you call). The list below is the summary of who I am in this world:

  1. I am an ikemen otaku. If people ask me what kind of otaku I am I will answer that I’m an ikemen otaku. Ikemen is my primary needed, my source of life.

  2. I love JE groups. My ichiban is Hey! Say! JUMP led by its three princesses Inoo, Daiki and Chinen. I used to like Yama a lot but now I prefer cuties rather than hotties. I also like Arashi (I mean who doesn’t?)

  3. I am a fujoshi. Yes, I love two boys flirting, kissing, hugging and whatever it is that looks or sounds romantic.

  4. I like 2.5 Dimension Boys. I watched Tenimyu when I started my university life and it has been some years I have loved those working very hard boys. It includes their agencies and their fans and even their idols.

  5. I love male seiyuus. Obviously. I love listening to BLCD so it is kind of impossible to not fall for that sexy voices.

  6. I am watching NND boys. I don’t watch them much but I have some of my favorites. Musumen from Odorite and Root Five (especially koma’n) from Utaite are the examples.  

  7. I like reading and watching in general.

So if anyone of you find me interesting and want to be my friend feel free to add me. I won’t update much but I will try my best to avoid it so I can connect to all of you often. Nice to meet you everyone.

So sorry, for a long post >_<

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