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Closing 2015

  After checking my last post, I've just realized that I haven't been updating for 3 years, more or less. It is weird considering the fact that I  never stop using livejournal. I think the main reason why I don't write anything for the past three years is that I don't really like communicating through written media. I can talk for hours but it's difficult for me to sit down and writing even just for minutes, with exception the times I must do my school's assignments (I could write for hours that time because the deadline was always around the corner). I'm so sorry for those who follow my fanfiction becuase I kind of leave it unfinished. I really apologize for that (although I am not sure if there are still my readers around).

  Now, let's get to the business. Because of some reasons, I think I will be updating my post again (now, regularly) starting next year, I hope I can do it since i want to learn writing and to connect with my oldfriends here. I am still with the same fandoms as before so I am sure that I can continue with this. I think that's all for today. In the first day of 2016 I think I'll make an introduction post since I have not made that. See you next year!

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