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another hanadan story (7)

Title: Another Hanadan Story (7)
Rating: PG
Pairing: Takaki X Daiki, side: Yabu X Inoo, Yamada X Chinen
Genre: Comedy, AU, Romance???
Disclaimer: Kamio Yoko own the plot
Warning: Bad english, unstructured grammar *wish you understand what I mean*
Summary: Remember The lovey dovey Tsukasa and Tsukushi??? Here their son The Great Takaki Yuya comes...
Notes: unbeta'ed, bad grammar

*First Petal *Second Petal *Third Petal  *Fourth Petal *Fifth Petal

*Seventh Petal

    “Good morning Takaki!” Hikaru greeted as he saw his friend already sat on his chair, sleeping.
    “Oh… morning.” Yawning Takaki answered.
    “What’s wrong with you?  Do you have another overwork again?” Hikaru asked.
    “No… he had his date with Dai-chan yesterday.” Yabu who’ve just came to the class reported.
“ Wow…It’s Great Takaki. So… so what did you do yesterday?” Hikaru asked curiously.
    “Nothing. I just played around the amusement park, had lunch, dinner and sleep. That’s all.” Takaki Yuya answered.
    “Just that? How boring you are.” Hikaru put his bag on his chair and turn his chair around to continue their morning gossip. “And your scar? Is it has something to do with yesterday date?” Hikaru found his best friend lip bruised.
    “He punched me.” Takaki answered unwillingly.
    “Punched you? Why?” Yabu asked.
    “I kissed him and said that I’ll wait until he’s ready doing you-know-what. And then he punched me.” Takaki reported.
    No answer from his two friends. Just loud of laugh echoing in the, almost full, classroom. It came from Hikaru and Yabu who thought it’s obvious that Takaki got a great punch on his face. That day was their first date, and Yabu and Hikaru was sure that Daiki still in denial about he being Takaki’s boyfried, or girlfriend in Daiki’s position.  And Takaki, being all brave and dummy him, said that he would wait Daiki until he’s ready doing, hmm, sex stuff. And more Takaki kissed him. There’s no way Daiki will accept it.
    “Why are you two laughing?” Takaki asked, unamused.
    “Nothing. We just wondering about how a stupid person like you can live happily in this cruel world.” Yabu answered.
    “I’m not stupid. By the way, what did you do yesterday in my Dai-chan’s house? He was very angry because you came to his home and kicked him out.” Takaki asked curiously.
    Yabu said nothing, he just smile lightly and gave a wink as a sign of you’ll-know-later-when-the-right-time-comes. “Ow…ow…ow. Don’t say that yesterday I have my two friends went on their date.” Hikaru guessed. “I feel lonely.” He added faking cry.
    Hikaru’s fake cry stopped when he felt his phone vibrated. “Hello, Yaotome Hikaru is here.” He said to his phone. After almost 3 minutes Hikaru speaking on his phone, he came to his two best friends who were waiting for him patiently. A huge smile plastered on Hikaru’s face.
      “Guess what, guys?” Hikaru’s boastfully voice came out. “MY RESTAURANT project hit success. I got 3 days vacation as the reward. Do you guys want to come along? We can ask Inoo, Daiki and Yama-chan and Chinen to come along too. It’s hot spring, guys.” Giving his two best friends no chance to speak anything, Hikaru informed.
    “Yama-chan, where’s Chi?” Hikaru asked after he sat, comfortably, on Yamada’s café.
    “He’s gone, for another long journey. Why are you looking for him?” Yamada announced.
    “Again?” Hikaru said disbelief. “I want to ask him for join our vacation. Of course you are invited too, Yama-chan.”
    “Inoo-chan and Dai-chan are obliged to come along.” Hikaru added, half screaming.
    “I pass. I can’t go without Chinen. How if he goes home when I gone? I need to be here waiting for him.” Yamada felt sorry and followed by a sigh from Hikaru.
    “Me too. My cousin will come. I must accompany him around.” Inoo made an excuse.
    “You can take him along, Inoo-chan. Don’t make me disappointed by decreasing my vacation members!” Hikaru pleaded.
    “Okay.” Inoo lost from Hikaru’s puppy eyes attack. “Because Inoo say yes, so you, Dai-chan, have no reason to say no.” Hikaru warned Daiki, who almost protest about the sudden plan. Hearing no protest from Daiki Hikaru hugged Inoo-chan and screamed Thank You right to Inoo’s ear. Somehow, after that, Hikaru shivered felling a killer aura came to him.
    “So, because our school vacation will start next week we will go this Sunday. I’ll pick everyone up. So, just prepare yourself and I prepare your service.” Hikaru announced and with that the Yabuno, Tadaiki, Hikaru and Inoo’s cousin went for Hot Spring vacation.
    They arrived in the hot spring right in the noon. It had been decided that Takaki will shared his room with Daiki, Yabu, who seemed gently persistent asking Hikaru to put him with Inoo, got his wish. Hikaru ended up sharing his room with Inoo’s dear cousin, Okamoto Keito. He was quite a good looking guy who has just back from London. Okamoto Keito decided to continue his school in Japan, so he came back home.
    “What will we do after this, guys?” Yabu asked the others when all of them were gathering in the restaurant having their lunch after put their luggage in their room.
    “How about having an adventure around the forest?” Hikaru gave an idea.
    “Are you really high schooler?” Takaki asked in disbelief. “That’s idea will only pop out in the elementary school’s brain.”
    “Why not? It will to be great.” Hikaru insisted. “And more, do you know the story about the forest here?” everybody in the room shook their head.
    “It was said that deep in the forest there was a beautiful shining lake. If a couple can find that place and drink its water, they’ll be together, forever.” HIkaru told the story.
       “Do you know that the you who believe to the story make you more like a child?” Yabu said.
    “Aren’t lake’s water dirty enough to give you disease?” Daiki asked and Hikaru pouted.
    “I just want to give us some excitement of life.” He said. “I think….”
     “Are you serious that the water can make the eternal love happen?” Takaki who unexpectedly had his tension up cut Hikaru’s sentence, Hikaru nodded. “Dai-chan, let’s try to find the lake. It will be good for our future relationship.”
    “Ha?” Daiki dumfounded. Hikaru took the chance.
    “Okay here are the rules. First we will go in pair because Matsuda-san said if go there more than a couple at once it will be a big disaster. Second, because Matsuda-san said that to reach that place we only need about 15 minutes, so the time limit is 45 minutes. If you pass the time limit you must immediately go back here. To proof that you are the winner you must take your picture there.”  Hikau explained. “And don’t worry; I’ll give a week coupon free from my restaurant as the prize. Enjoy your breakfast, lunch and dinner free for a week.” He added.
    “Takaki you go with Daiki!” Hikaru announced the pair. “Yabu and… Inoo.” He somehow already understood about Yabu’s relationship with Inoo. “And, Okamoto-san, although we are not couple will you go with me? I don’t want to give my prize without struggling to keep it up.”
    With that, each pair made their preparation. For Takaki he filled his preparation time by pleading and begging Daiki to join him in the adventure. Yabu and Inoo prepared everything that was important for a short journey, rope, flash light, match, some snacks and water. Hikaru and Okamoto who’ve just followed him, focus on the plan. First, they asked Matsuda-san, the hot spring resort keeper and also one of people who were lucky on finding the lake. After that they made the map which, according to Matsuda-san, showed the location of the lake.
    It was now 2 pm. Hikaru and friends already finished their preparation and decided to start the game. The pairs went at the same time. The rule said that they only had 45 minutes time limit. So, for whoever pair cannot reach the lake before the limit time must go home. The forest which was mention as the location of the legendary lake was very pure and fresh. Pure and fresh actually can’t describe about the forest, wild actually, more suitable. There were many coppices around. The ground was covered by gravels which were wet, and made it difficult to walk on it.
    “Hoy, Bakaki! Don’t forget to put sign so we won’t lose!” Daiki commanded Takaki. He walked carefully stepping on each gravel and stone which were too slippery.
    “Why do you lead me?” Takaki asked, ignoring Daiki’s command. “I’m the man here so I lead.” Takaki push Daiki away, of course harsh less.
    “Excuse me, sir. But if we talk about gender, I’m also a man here.”  Daiki pushed Takaki away, this one harshly.
    “In our relationship, my Daiki. You got the girl role and I’m the boy.” Takaki said in his boastfully tone.
    “Who decide that?” Daiki was angry. “Although, if, it won’t ever happen actually, I agree to be your boyfriend I will never be the girl. Which part of me screaming girl?”
     “Isn’t it obvious Dai-chan. You are short and cute. And chubby and has girly face, girly step and of course girly punch. Even Inoo will agree about you being girl here.”
    “I’m not. Okay I’m short, cute and have, a little, girly face but I’m not chubby. And my punch is not girly. After I punched you it took almost forever for you to heal it.” Daiki insisted.
    “It is not. Look at my lip!” Takaki said shrugged his face to Daiki. “There’s no more bruise, right?”
    Daiki went silent. He was too shocked with Takaki’s action. Takaki’s face was only an inch from his. Daiki, somehow, being all shy. Although Daiki insisted that he didn’t like Takaki and kept saying that he being shy because of something else. “So what? Still I knocked you down.” Daiki push Takaki away. Takaki lost his balance, more he stepped the slipperiest stone and worst Takaki stood right in the edge of a deep hole.  He tried to have Daiki as his holder but failed because Daiki although heavier but still not as strong as Takaki. So, both of them fell to the hole. 
    The hole was not so deep, but it will hurt much if you fell on it. That was what Takaki and Daiki felt. Takaki felt right to the ground protecting Daiki so the latter just fell on him. Takaki’s back was hurt. But, still when he saw Daiki he felt relieved that he can protect Daiki from the hard ground.
    “You, Bakaki! Could you stop bring me bad luck?” Daiki was angry on top of Takaki.
    “Why are you angry? I’ve protect you, okay. You only fell on me, looks at me I fell to this fucking hard ground and more I must bear your heavy cubby body.” Takaki protested. His pride was hurt because of Daiki.
    “You.. ouch.” Daiki screamed in pain he touched his ankle.
    “What’s wrong Dai-chan?” Takaki panicked. “Which part hurt?”
    “It’s hurt.” Daiki was mumbling in pain.
    “Oh my God, It’s swollen. How it can be like this? You fell on me for goodness sake.” Takaki checked on Daiki’s ankle which was all blue and swollen.
    “I… don’t know.” Daiki said still in pain. Takaki next sat him up, and then put Daiki on his lap. “What are you doing?” Daiki protested before he kept silent after Takaki glared on him.
    “I thing I brought some medicine to cure this one. Don’t move! It will be hurt a little.” Takaki bowed his head. His hand tried to reach Daiki’s ankle. “You can hug me if you feel hurt.”
     Takaki took the gel medicine and put it on his hand. He then massage Daiki’s ankle using the medicine to cover it. He tried to put it as gentle as possible. He kept assuring Daiki that everything will be okay. But it gave no avail because, although at first Daiki bear the hurt by biting his own lip, he now hugged Takaki tight. Too tight, made Takaki also felt in pain. Daiki buried his face on Takaki’s shoulder. He fed up with the pain and started biting Takaki’s shoulder. He tightened the hug and made Takaki difficult to breath. But still Takaki gave no protest and continued massaging Daiki.
    “Is it that hurt?” Takaki asked Daiki after he finished curing Daiki’s ankle. He released himself from Daiki’s hug. Then he lifted Daiki’s chin and saw a weirdest thing ever. Daiki was crying. His tears flew on his cheek. It’s strange for Takaki seeing the tough Daiki crying. Daiki never gave any sign that can burst into tears. Takaki then put Daiki’s head on his chest. He ruffled Daiki’s hair to make Daiki felt better. And unexpectedly Daiki said nothing; he rested his head on Takaki’s chest and continued crying.
     When Takaki saw his watch it already showed 2.45 p.m. They were lost from the time limit. They must go home. But of course it was difficult. Although the hole wasn’t very deep and Takaki was sure that he can climbed it up, still it‘s difficult to bring Daiki’s along, he still in so much pain. While Takaki kept thinking the way to go home, The God seemed hate Takaki. The rain started to fall.
    “What is it? Is it rain?” Daiki tried to stop his cry. “Why I always out of luck if I’m with you?” Daiki protested.
     “Don’t ask me that?” Takaki said and put his jacket of. He covered Daiki’s body with it. He then tightened his hug to Daiki so he can covered all Daiki’s body and protected him from the rain.
    Daiki kept silent. He just wondered why he must end up with Takaki. He hated Takaki. Daiki would never acknowledge a person who just full of himself, always think that money is everything and can’t understand about others feeling. That was why Daiki left home. He didn’t want becoming one of Takaki. He wanted to be a great boy who can help others without concerning about the status and money. He thought so much while crying, and the next time he realized that he felt asleep.
    The moon already shone brightly when Daiki awoken. He can felt the light radiate him slowly. His head was hurt so much, like there’s one big stone kept hit him. Daiki then checked the room, he was no more in the hole. I was saved, he though. He was already in the hotel, lying on his bed.
Daiki kept scamming the room when he finally found Takaki right in front of him, sitting with his back facing Daiki on the edge of the bed. He was shirtless. His back full of bruises, it was bleeding a lot. Daiki then realized that Takaki fell on bramble which was full of thorn. Takaki’s hand tried to find his wound, attempted to give it medicine.
“May I help?” Daiki offered, still lying on his bed.
“Dai-chan?” Takaki faced Daiki, he then moved to Daiki’s side. ”Are you awake? Is there something hurt?”
“I’m ok. Although my head still in pain.” Daiki smile lightly holding his head. “May I help you Takaki? Put that on?’”
“No, Daiki!” Takaki rejected, “continue your sleep Dai-chan! You need some rest. I can do it myself.”
“I’m okay. Let me help you, you baka!” Daiki grabbed Takaki’s bottle, put the lotion on his hand and gave it on Takaki’s wound. “Just shut up!” Daiki said when Takaki wanted more protest.  “So can you tell me how we can get out from there?”
“Nothing special. It’s just Hikaru’s intel found and evacuated us. Hikaru actually already prepared his man just in case something likes that happen.” Takaki explained.
Daiki continued his job. Each times Daiki spread the lotion, Takaki jerked, gave a little sign of pain. Takaki tried to hold his pain, he didn’t want Daiki to think that he’s weak.
“If it hurt, you can scream, Takaki. Don’t hold it.” Daiki commanded.
“I’m okay. There’s no way the great Takaki Yuya scream because this kind of bruises. Don’t underestimate me Dai-chan.”
“Ouch” Takaki screamed all aloud when Daiki put the lotion roughly. “You are such a Baka!” Daiki pout.
“It’s hurt Dai-chan. Let me do it myself!” Takaki took the bottle, and left Daiki to let him rest. Before he closed the door behind him he heard Daiki mumbling, ‘Baka!’.
A/N: It's almost a year I'm not updating this story. If you already forgot maybe you can start again from the first chapter. I haven't write this long time so forgive me if the strory turn out lame. Thank you for reading, critics and comments are loved.
Tags: fandom:hsj, fanfic, pairing: tadaiki, pairing: yabunoo
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