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Starting today I’m officially back. It’s been a year without updating my livejournal. Maybe so many people already forgot about me. Hahaha. But I’m sure that keiyuu_ruka and nikuta still remember me because they sent me birthday wishes, thank you guys. There are also my RL friends who are also my fangirling friends around me actually, I wish that everybody still remember me. I don’t know why but I feel like I must introduce myself. I never do this before, my first post wasn’t about my introduction I’m sure.
I’m Vina, I love this name. I’m 18th right now. I should be in the age where I can understand which is good and which isn’t. But this is me, a childish young adult who is afraid of being old. When I was in elementary school I started my Japanese-love-behavior. At first I just randomly watched TV and found that Japanese anime interesting. When one of my national TV started broadcasting some dorama I also got interested on it.
My junior high became the period when my interest on Japanese thingy getting bigger. I started reading comics, buying them and flailing around over. The time when my junior high almost finish I knew about Yamada Ryosuke, Hey! Say! JUMP, Matsumoto Jun and Arashi. Thanks to my friend who accidently let me know about them.
When my high school period came, my knowledge about Johnny’s and Associates getting deeper. Collecting their video, dorama, PV, single and performances becomes my habit. Sometimes I feel that I can’t live without watching them. KAT-TUN, NEWS, SMAP and all of JE members becomes the reason why I can live this life happily.
Recently I found AKB48 and get used over them. At first I never think about being a girls-group fangirl. I hate them for being bitchy around my sparkling Idols. But I was wrong. They are good girls. Japanese idol groups are always great. They have brain, beauty and behavior, although I’m not sure that all of Idols’ brains have good signal.
That’s all from me for this period. I’ve finished my high school. And still don’t know about my future. I’m waiting for university entrance announcement. And I have nothing to do this long time. Wish you all know me better starting today. Thank you for reading. Yoroshiku ne.     
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