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Hate and Love

Title: Hate and Love
Author: Vina
Type: Drabble
Rating: PG
Pairing: various
Summary: There’s love and hate at the same time.
Warning: Bad English

One story says
Yamada hates Takaki. He hates the way Chinen enjoying himself around Takaki. He hates the way Takaki always spoils Chinen. Although people around see Takaki and Chinen as brothers, Yamada will never acknowledge it. He will always hate Takaki.
Takaki himself hates Yamada. He hates Yamada when Yamada can freely have fun with Daiki. He hates Yamada when the younger can make Daiki enjoying himself. When Daiki with Yamada, Takaki’s afraid he will lose Daiki.
Not much different from Takaki anda Yamada, Daiki and Chinen hate each other. Daiki dislike Chinen’s spoiled act toward Takaki. Chinen pisses of when Daiki takes his pleasurable time with Yamada.
Yuto and Hikaru have grudge on each other. Yuto will be angry whenever Hikaru disturbs The Engrish Boy’s mysterious time. And Hikaru will be disappointed whenever Yuto acts cool and and try to protect Keito.
The Engrish boy hates both Yuto and Hikaru. He hates them whenever they ruin his reading time. They snap each other right on his ears.
Inoo will say sarcastic word to Yabu when Yabu leaves him for his schedule. And Yabu sulks when Inoo leaves him for his study. At that time they will declare that they hate each other.
The youngest boy in the group, although he always keeps quite he hates all JUMP’s members because of 3 reasons. First, because they are noisy. Second, because they love to tease him. And the last because all of JUMP’s member ruin his innocent mind by public hug, make out and many more.
In another story
Yamada won’t be angry to Takaki because he loves the way Chinen smile when he with Takaki.
Takaki loves the way Daiki acts as himself when he spends his time with Yamada.
As long as their boyfriends still theirs, Daiki and Chinen won’t hit each other. Daiki loves it, when Takaki acts manly by spoiling Chinen. Chinen always enjoys his time when Yamada sleeps on his shoulder after his tiring game with Daiki.
Although Yuto hates Hikaru’s prank on Keito, he actually feels relieve because Hikaru’s prank can make Keito smiles widely. Hikaru is very thankful t Yuto because he always protects Keito.
Keito can’t leave Yuto and Hikaru because deep inside his heart he fells happy around them, and not lonely anymore.
Yabu and Inoo’s grumbling will always end up with their lovey dovey scene.
Ryutaro hates everybody at the same time as he loves everyone. He, for goodness sake, has 9 people for asking help, 9 people for sharing his pain, and 9 people for leaning on.
And they end the story with the word love.
A/N: HAPPY BIRTHDAY HEY! SAY! JUMP… Wish you all the best. I’m sorry if many grammatical errors occur. I’m in the middle of Biology Class now. Comments and critics are love...
Tags: fandom:hsj, fanfic
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