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Another Hanadan Story (6)

Title: Another Hanadan Story (6)
Rating: PG *it's very very safe*
Pairing: Takaki X Daiki, side: Yabu X Inoo, Yamada X Chinen
Genre: Comedy, AU, Romance???
Disclaimer: Kamio Yoko own the plot... I'm sorry I continue your story.
Warning: Bad english, unstructured grammar *wish you understand what I mean*
Summary: Remember The lovey dovey Tsukasa and Tsukushi??? Here their son The Great Takaki Yuya comes...
Notes: unbeta'ed, bad grammar

*First Petal *Second Petal *Third Petal  *Fourth Petal *Fifth Petal

*Sixth Petal

     Takaki made his way downing the stairs when he saw his father was reading his newspaper all alone. It’s already rare for Takaki only to see his father at home and more he were, now, alone without his most beautiful wife, Tsukushi.
    “Good morning, dad. Where’s mom?” Takaki asked and took one of roasted bread which was already served.
    “I don’t know. If I’m not mistaken last night she said something about Yuki, but I’m not sure. Maybe she visits her.” Tsukasa answered.
    “Oh. By the way, dad, may I borrow the car? I have a date with Dai-chan today.” Takaki informed. If it was with his father Takaki can be all spoil. His father always grants his wish, each of time. But that was not long before his mother knew and destroyed everything.
    “Dai-chan? Which Dai-chan?” his father asked.
    “The one who has been asked to marry me.  Arioka Daiki” Takaki answered.
    “Huh… Arioka-san’s son? I though he refused.” Tsukasa said disbelief.
    “No, he didn’t refuse, dad. At first he just… hasn’t understood his own feeling. He is my boyfriend now. And today we have our first date, so please lend me your car and give me some money.” Takaki requested.
    “Ow… That’s great. But I’m sorry Yuya. Your mom brought my wallet and I don’t know where the cars were. It was not in the garage this morning when I checked.” Tsukasa said, continued reading his newspaper.
    “How can I go on date without any money, dad? It’s impossible for me to ask him pay for us, isn’t it?” Takaki grumbled.
    “I’m home.” Tsukasa’s answer cancelled when he heard his wife greeting. “I’m sorry. Yuki asked me to choose which of her yukata can be used for her daughter birthday party. Can you make your own breakfast? Let me put this first before I made you some.” Tsukushi rushed his way to the refrigerator.
    “It’s okay. I’ve grabbed my own coffee. And your son seems in a hurry.” Tsukasa said made Tsukushi titled his head. “Where will you go with that kind of clothes? And… with this kind of smell?” Seeing Takaki in his neatly-ironed-jean and super-silky-white-shirt plus a-very-luxurious-fury-jacket and without ignoring his too-strong-rose-perfume, Tsukushi asked.
    “I have my first date with Dai-chan mom so…” Before Takaki finished his sentence his mother left him back to her groceries.
    “Which Dai-chan?” Tsukushi asked.
    “Why the two of you asked the same question. It’s of course the Dai-chan who has full name Arioka Daiki. Who else?” Takaki said thinking why his parents forgot about his Dai-chan, they were, for goodness sake, the one who introduced him.
    “Are you really? What did you do to him that can make him agree for dating you?” Tsukushi was searching something in his groceries.
    “Nothing. Mom please give me…”
    “I found it.” Tsukushi cut Takaki’s sentence and gave Takaki two catchy and colorful papers. “I’ve got these as bonus from the department store. Just use these for your date.” Takaki took the papers.
    “These tickets included lunch fee, dinner fee and hotel fee. But I wish you two will do nothing before the wedding.” Tsukushi added. “No car! You have no drive license.” Tsukushi said before Takaki said his thanks and asked about the car.
    “I got it. Thanks mom. I’m going.” Takaki left his mother and his father.
    Arriving at the park Takaki rushed his way to the nearest bench. Putting his butt on the bench he made himself as comfortable as possible crossing his leg. He checked his watch, it showed 12.50 p.m. Still 10 minutes earlier from the appointment time, Takaki thought. He enjoyed his time waiting by watching the children around playing hide and seeks or just enjoying the sound of the breeze. Takaki watched his watch for the second time and it already showed 1.15 p.m. Is Daiki need to take a long time for preparing himself? Takaki asked no one but himself.
    Forty-five minutes already passed, but still no sign from Daiki yet. Takaki tried to be as patient as possible. Maybe he has some other thing to do before coming here, Takaki assuring himself ignoring the fact that, maybe, Daiki will never coming. It’s already 2.15 p.m and Daiki still no where around. Horrible thought started flying around Takaki’s mind. What if Dai-chan being kidnapped? How if Dai-chan lost his way and can never back? How if Dai-chan…? Try to ignore his mind Takaki stood up and decided looking for Daiki. But before he could reach the nearest roadway, someone fell on him made him lost his balance and fell down.
    “Ouch… How you dare to make the Great Me fall?” Takaki was angry.
“Hoy Takaki. I’ve bring him here. Enjoy your date!” Yabu said before Takaki could continue his long why-are-you-daring-make-Takaki-Yuya-fell-speech.
“Dai-chan?” Takaki asked Dai-chan, who’ve just fell on him, after Yabu drove his car away. “Why are you so late? I thought something bad happen to you. It’s great that you are okay. I’m very much worrying you.” Takaki hugged Daiki, but it can last long because immediately Daiki stood up and pushed Takaki away.
“I never recall saying that I’ll come here.” Daiki said.
“But you are here now. Why Yabu drove you here?” Takaki asked cleaning himself from the dust all over his jeans.
“I don’t know. This morning he came all the way to my house. Make Inoo disturb my innocent sleeping time. And before me myself realize it they’ve kicked me out from the house. What’s wrong with the two of them actually?” Daiki asked to no one because he left Takaki.
“Where will you go? We are on our date now.” Takaki pull Daiki on his hand. Before Daiki said anything Takaki, still holding Daiki’s hand, pull Daiki into the nearest bus station.
    “Amusement park?” Daiki asked when the two of them arrived on the location.
    “Yup. My mother gave me free tickets this morning. It included free lunch, free dinner and free hotel fee.” Takaki informed.
    “How can your mother get that kind of thing? Too many free for Amusement Park ticket.” Daiki was being pulled by Takaki into the Park’s entrance.
    “I don’t know. She said that she got the ticket as a bonus for her groceries.” Takaki gave the tickets to the officer in the entrance.
    “What kind of groceries did your mother buy?” Daiki wondered.
    “Woah. It’s almost 10 years after my last visit to amusement park!” High spirited Takaki informed. “Which one you want to ride first Dai-chan?” 
    “No one. I want to go home.” Daiki pull his hand from Takaki.
    “You can’t go home. Inoo will never allow you, I think. And we can’t waste this free plus plus ticket.” Takaki held Daiki’s hand. “Let’s go to the haunted house first.”
    So there were they, strolling around the amusement park. The first destination was the haunted house. Takaki’s all energy coming to the haunted house.
    “I’ll protect you whatever happen. If you afraid just hold me or hug me tight.” Takaki said. For the first spot Takaki leaded the way. He kept saying that he will protect Daiki whatever happens. But not long after Takaki’s loud scream hearing a cry voice, Takaki pushed Daiki forward and hugged Daiki from behind. For the next seconds there’s no more I’ll protect you voice from Takaki. The entire world changed into a loud scream and Takaki’s mumbling about how dark and creepy the place is.
    “If you are afraid of ghost, don’t you ever have thought to visit this kind of place!” Daiki complained after he, at last, can be free from Takaki’s tight hug.
    “I’m… not afraid.” Takaki said, “It’s impossible for The Great Takaki Yuya feels afraid only because of a haunted house.”
    “If you said so, next time don’t you hug me or scream that loud again!” Daiki left Takaki.
    “So, what’s next? Roller coaster?” Takaki held Daiki’s hand.
    The next destination was roller coaster. The roller coaster was the greatest roller coaster that Takaki had ever seen. Daiki also amazed with the greatest of that thing. Takaki sit beside Daiki who kept prying for his safety. Being all ok, Takaki comforted Daiki by saying that, as usual, he will protect Daiki. The roller coaster started its journey. Daiki got ready for screaming but at the time no voices come out. He closed his ears with his hand because of the loud noises Takaki made. Takaki screaming all aloud, holding Daiki’s hand which made Daiki screamed because of the pain.
    “We won’t ride anything more. I’m afraid that you’ll make my ear lose its function if you keep screaming all aloud into my ear.” Daiki sat on the bench, stress because of Takaki and felt uneasy because of the roller coaster.
     “But…” Takaki tried to convince Daiki.
    “No but. If you insist I’ll go home.” Daiki threaten.
    “Ok.” At last Takaki gave up. “Let me buy something to drink.”
    Not long after Takaki’s offer, he came with two glasses of coke on his hand. He gave one glass to Daiki and sat right beside him. There’s no voices heard for the next second. Daiki was too lazy and tired to speak up something while Takaki too much occupied with him enjoying his drink. Five minutes passed after Takakis realized that his coke already gone. His stomach started to singing   confusing sound as a sign of hunger.
    “Let’s grab our lunch!” Takaki pull Daiki ignoring the fact that Daiki still enjoying his drink.
    Two big double cheese burgers and two large size of another coke were ordered by Takaki. He also asked two big ice creams as their dessert later. Although Daiki thought that he can’t finish his lunch but seeing Takaki enjoying his lunch very much made Daiki can resist on his own lunch.
    “You are actually too skinny if actually you eat that much.” Daiki commented while they were enjoying their ice cream.
    “My mother gave me many jobs to do. I’m sure that all of my food gone on the process of finishing the job.”
    “But… What jobs you do actually? It strange knows that the son and the successor of Doumyouji Company do part time job.” Daiki said.
    “I do many things. I finish all of my housework by myself. I go to school on foot. Those things burnt my energy. And for the part time job, it’s my mother’s idea. She wants me to become someone who can treasure money and never waste it for useless thing.” Takaki explained still enjoying his dessert.
    “But… what’s for? I’m sure that although you never treasure your money they’ll never leave you.”
    “You can say that again, but my mother has no intention to take a possibility of me being all bossy, childish and dummy like my father did in the past.”
    “You still to do so I think. You are bossy, childish and dummy. And more you are self-centric ignorance and worst… skinny. Why your mother still insisted to give you that kind of job.” Daiki put his spoon away, Suring he can’t finish his ice cream.
    “My mother tries to decrease the possibilities, okay. My father is worse than me if we talk about that. If you can’t finish that let me do, I think your mother teaches you to not waste any food. ” Takaki took Daiki’s unfinished ice cream.
    “Inoo-chan did. I can’t imagine your seem-very-perfect-father is worse than you.”
    “Have you ever heard the great story about F4?” Takaki asked, at last he finished all his food included Daiki’s ice cream.
    “I know. The story of the prince married the poor. What’s wrong with the story?”
    “That’s my parents’ story. My mother came from the poorest family and my father came from the richest family in this country. They fell in love and married. But at first my mom hated my father; he had the same characters as mine.”
    “No wonder your mother wishes that you’ll never copy him. But poor she is. You are born as your father’s son.” Daiki said to himself.
    “What did you say?” Takaki asked and got head shaking from Daiki. “Ok where will we go next?”
    “Let’s just go home! I’m tired.” Daiki made his way leaving Takaki, but stopped as his hand phone ringing. “Hallo? Inoo-chan, what’s wrong?” Daiki asked.
    “Unn, Dai-chan, It’s actually better for you to not coming home tonight, I have something to do here. Enjoy your day, until night, Dai-chan!” Inoo finished the conversation before Daiki had any time to protest his announcement.
    “What happen with Inoo, Dai-chan?” Takaki asked seeing sulking Daiki.
    “What happened with his brain? This morning he kicked me out from home and now he forbids me to go home. Hey, what actually happen between your friend and my Inoo-chan?” Daiki asked Takaki, still sulking.
    “I don’t know either. Maybe they have a new business open or whatever, that’s none of my business.” Takaki held Daiki’s hand. “Let’s go somewhere else.” Takaki said ignoring Daiki mumbling about how can friends said that his best friend’s business had nothing to do with him.
    The rest of the day passed as the two of them enjoying their tour around the amusement park. Of course they would ignore every dangerous game they seen. Daiki preferred to ride nothing than he got to be deaf. Takaki would always plead Daiki to let them ride something. The night came. Takaki, then, asked Daiki for dinner. Had nothing to do anymore, Daiki let Takaki drag him. 
The half romantic dinner finished peacefully. Takaki and Daiki were eating their food without ignoring their manner. Takaki, how reckless and dumbass he is, was a successor of Japanese larger economic holder. And Daiki, he was Takaki’s fiancé after all. After they finished their dessert, Takaki dragged Daiki to their hotel room. President suite, a very large and comfortable room, filled with king size bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and dining room.
Daiki, then, made his way to the bathroom but got cancelled when Takaki already filled the room. Ten minutes passed and Takaki came out from his shower. Still wearing his jean without its top, Takaki’s hair was dripping the water.  He looked sexy that way actually, but Daiki tried to ignore him by going to the bathroom.
“Hey! What are you doing on my bed?” Daiki asked Takaki after he finished his shower.
“What else? Sleeping of course.”
“Do you think I allow you? Not. Just sleep on the floor!” Daiki commanded and kicked Takaki out from the bed.
“Ouch.” Takaki said in pain. “What’s wrong with you, it hurt okay.” Takaki complained.
“Wait… Are you shy sleeping with me?” Takaki added, he positioned himself right on top of Daiki. Daiki’s head which still lied on the head of the bed now trapped with one of Takaki’s hand held. Another hand of Takaki made his way to Daiki’s waist. Takaki’s face was now only 1 cm far from Daiki.
“Of course not you dummy!” Daiki hid his blush by made Takaki fell from the bed for the second time.  Daiki then put himself in the most comfortable blanket.
“I’ve told you, it hurt okay.” Takaki then kissed Daiki, fully on Daiki’s lip. “I’ll wait until you ready, honey.” Takaki said and got a nice punch on his face.

Me/: Shoot me, kick me and love me for this very late update. Don’t blame on me. Blame on my school. But started yesterday I’ve got my holiday for Lebaran day. And yaaay I can update my story. Still another short update but I wish you can enjoy it. As usual critics are listened and I’ll try to improve myself. And comments are always acceptable.
Tags: fandom:hsj, fanfic, pairing: tadaiki, pairing: yabunoo, pairing: yamachii
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