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Another Hanadan Story (5)

Title: Another Hanadan Story (5)
Rating: PG *it's very very safe*
Pairing: Takaki X Daiki, side: Yabu X Inoo, Yamada X Chinen
Genre: Comedy, AU, Romance???
Disclaimer: Kamio Yoko own the plot... I'm sorry I continue your story.
Warning: Bad english, unstructur grammar =>wish you guys understand what I mean in this story<=
Summary: Remember The lovey dovey Tsukasa and Tsukushi??? Here their son The Great Takaki Yuya comes...
Notes: unbeta'ed, bad grammar

*First Petal *Second Petal *Third Petal  *Fourth Petal

*Fifth Petal*

    Yamada’s café had been closed for a week but the battle hadn’t finish yet, so Yamada continued his café’s holiday for a week more. This situation happened because Inoo needed to recover from his injury first before continuing the battle. It’s okay for everybody actually.
    The beautiful Sunday came. The same as the first battle, everybody gathered in the café early in the morning. Chinen sat on Yamada’s lap while Yamada was busy on his comic. Yabu was busy on commenting Hikaru’s new pom-pom and Hikaru was busy on showing his pom-pom off to Yabu. Daiki and Inoo sat in the corner talking about something very serious which Takaki thought was planning some strategy. Takaki, he himself was busy on planning his own strategy. If the first battle used physical strength it is impossible for Daiki to take the same subject, Takaki thought. It was rare to see Takaki was thinking hard as now.
    “Excuse me.” A very cute boy opened the café’s door and followed by another one. “Is it Yamada Ryosuke’s café?” The taller boy asked.
    “Yes, it is.” Yamada answered. “Come here Ryuu-chan!” Chinen commanded the boys.
    “This boy is Morimoto Ryutaro.” Chinen introduced the taller boy when he already came to Chinen. “And this one is his younger brother, Shintaro.” Chinen patted the younger boy.
    “They are our next battle subject.” Chinen added.
    “What will these two boys do?” Takaki asked curiously.
    “I’ll explain what the function of these two boys later. Let them sit down and rest first, they’ve just came from the airport.” Chinen let the two boys sit and gave the two boys something to drink.
    “Okay, let’s start the explanation.” Chinen said after spending ten minutes for waiting the two boys finished their drink. “The second battle is called ‘Give the love for the lost Children’” Chinen informed.
    “The concern of this game is to make these two boys happy. They’ve just lost their parents for three months. And for these three months Shintaro stop talking and Ryutarou can’t give a proper smile.” Chinen said and hugged the boys. “So Takaki and Inoo must make these boys smile again, full heartedly and happily, to win the second battle. “ Chinen explained and followed with some crying noise.
    “Why are you crying, Hikaru-kun?” Chinen asked Hikaru who was clearing his nose.
    “Poor are these boys. In their early age they must face difficult experiences.” Hikaru said, crying.
    “You are right, Hikaru.” Takaki patted Hikaru’s shoulder. “I promise I’ll make you happy little puppies.”  Takaki promised facing the both boys who seemed confuse with the whole situation.
    “You can promise that Takaki, but we still in the middle of the battle, so obey the rule guys!” Chinen said keeping the boys away from Takaki. “The both boys will spend their time with Takaki and Inoo. For the first two days, they’ll spend their days with Takaki and for the next two days Inoo will undertake the boys.” Chinen explain.
    “And just for your information, the judges for this battle neither Yamada nor me. The Morimotos will choose who the best parents for them.” Chinen added. “Because of Takaki’s protest so I’ll put Hikaru and Yabu as the competitors’ helper. Yabu will help Inoo and Hikaru will be Takaki’s.”
    “Why Hikaru helps me?” Takaki protested. “I protested to you because Hikaru ruined my concentration with his pom-pom and that cheerleading pose. And you put him as my helper? Do you want me to lose the game?” Takaki added.
    “No more protest Yuyan. You said that you wanted me to give Hikaru something to be done so he wouldn’t do any weird movements like that did you?” Chinen asked. “So that is his job. Becoming your helper will make him busy so he won’t do that weird movements anymore.”
    “Don’t be angry Takaki! I’ll help you, really, so you’ll win the game okay?” Hikaru smiled brightly. “I promise that I won’t make you lose.” Hikaru put his hand on his chest to make Takaki believe in him. “I am smarter than you after all.” HIkaru was whacked by Takaki.
    “Okay, you two! Let’s go to Hikaru’s house and we can have fun with Hikaru’s newly-bought game.” Takaki announced and leaded the both boys left the café but stopped. Not because Hikaru’s complain about why having his house becoming their destination, but because of Chinen’s voice.
    “You can’t go anywhere before I say start. And more you will not use any house except the one I have prepared.” Chinen informed while holding Takaki’s hand.
    “What kind of house is it?” Takaki asked.
    “Nothing special about the house actually, but I need to control every movements of yours so the house will be full of hidden camera.” Chinen explained. “It is okay. No camera in the bedroom and bathroom. The battle starts when you arrive at the house. It means 15 minutes more.  My driver waits outside so you four just come to him and he’ll send you to the destination. “Chinen said and the Takaki family left the café.
    The house which was mentioned earlier was not a big one. The house was simple. It was white painted and had two green yards in the back and the front of house. It had four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a clean kitchen and a comfortable family room. Ten minutes already passed when Takaki and family were exploring the house. Daiki, Yamada and Chinen were seeing them through a monitor.
    “Okay boys, starting today I’ll be your papa and he will be the servant. You can ask everything from me.” Takaki sat on the family room’s couch.
    “Okay… Takaki-kun. I know you hate me.” Hikaru said after he tried to protest about his position but got a killer glare from Takaki.
    Morimoto brothers said nothing after hearing Takaki’s explanation. They sat quietly and hold each other’s arms.  Ryutaro looked as if Takaki was a stranger which was must be ignored while Shintaro always threw his face from Takaki because he was afraid of him.
    “Why are you two looks very afraid? Don’t worry this person doesn’t bite.” Hikaru said after he saw the afraid boys. “Although his look seems delinquent he won’t hurt any of you. He is stupid after all.” Hikaru added.
    “I’m not stupid Hikaru. You who cheerfully played with your stupid pom-pom are the stupid one.” Takaki whacked Hikaru.
    “Chill out, Takaki! Can’t you take it as a joke? Look you make them more afraid.” Hikaru pointed the boys who were not only holding hand but now also hugging each other. “Don’t be afraid boys, mama is here with you. Mama will protect you from the evil papa.” Hikaru hugged Morimoto brothers.
    “Who decided that you are the mama here?” Takaki asked, “The only one mama for my children is Daiki, okay.” Takaki said.
    “Hahahaha… Whatever, Takaki.” Hikaru laughed, “By the way Takaki, I’m hungry and I’m sure these boys are too. Why don’t you make something to eat?” Hikaru bugged.
    “Why don’t you make it yourself? You said that you are the mama here.” Takaki said.
    “You disagree, right? So I’m no more Mama. It’s disgusting imagines that you are my husband. I let Daiki gets the role. And only for your information Chinen said that I am just a helper which means I only help and my duty is not taking care of the boys.”  Hikaru stretched his leg.
    “You dared to ask The Great Takaki Yuya cooks?” Grumbling, Takaki made his way to the kitchen.
    “Here’s special omurice, The Great Takaki Yuya’s handmade.” Takaki brought the food and served it on the table.
    “Why it is omurice?” Hikaru protested, “Can’t you make something more special? How can these boys eat this freaking plain food?”
    “This food is Dai-chan’s favorite.” Takaki replied.
    “How do you know that?”
    “I made some researches before.”
    “Stalker.” Hikaru said before he got slapped on his face. “Kids, don’t eat this evil person’s handmade!” Hikaru warned the kids but it’s just too late because the both boys already finished their meals.
    “Is it delicious?” Takaki asked the both boys. “If it is, would you give me your pure smile?”
    The Morimotos were silent still. And Takaki’s question was replied by a high pitch voice from nowhere. “Don’t ask them to smile, Takaki! Make them but don’t ask!” The voice said.
    “Okay. So boys let’s play some games.” Takaki went to search for something to play. “There’s nothing around. Hikaru, why don’t you buy them video games and DS?” Takaki gave up searching.
    “Why me? Do it by yourself! It’s your duty, isn’t it?” Hikaru protested lazily.
    “I have no money.” Takaki whispered.
    “Hahaha… those words come from the great Takaki Yuya.” Hikaru said before he went to buy the games.
    The Morimotos gave no comment for whatever they saw. Although the two of them agreed that Takaki Yuya who had bad temper and big narcissism was a kind person, each of the boys had their own opinions about Takaki. Ryutaro thought that Takaki Yuya was a dummy. The younger thought that it was important to stay as far as possible from this lanky boy.
    “I’m home!” Hikaru greeted the whole house. It was too late when Hikaru came home, the children already fallen asleep.
    “What taken you so long?” Takaki asked. “I’m sure that to buy those games no need forever.” Hikaru ignored Takaki and made his way to find his own room. He was very tired after played games almost 5 hours. At first Hikaru’s intention was only buy the games. But after he saw the one seemed very spectacular game house he stopped by and played for almost 5 hours.
    The morning came. Today was the last day for Takaki to spend with the boys. The Morimotos already woke up and finished their breakfast which was made by Takaki. Hikaru, he was still in his dreamland dreaming about his beloved thing.
    “Guys this is a DS for each of you.” Takaki gave each of them DS. “Happy?” Takaki asked but ignored.
    Almost 5 hours Takaki spent his time to watch the children played their DS. Still Takaki had not seen any of the boys smile. They were just playing the games seriously. Takaki was, and then, thinking the way to make them laugh.
    “Hey do you know that the person who slept above is a monster from a dorky planet.” Takaki made a failed joke. The boys just stared at him for a second but continued their games. “Why do you ignore me? I’m serious. His name actually is Hikarunrun that’s why he loves to run everywhere.” Another joke was made and followed by a loud of laugh. Not from the children, it was from Hikaru.
    “Although you are brainless, Takaki, you still can’t make a good and proper joke.” Laughing Hikaru said. Takaki was angry but stopped when he saw still sleeping Hikaru fell from the stair.
    “Ouch… It’s hurt. Stupid stairs!” Hikaru protested and kicked the stairs.
    “It’s not the stairs to be blame on, it’s your brain. You are more stupid than me.” Takaki laughed and the children did too. When Takaki heard the children laughed he stopped his. He saw the children not only smiled but also laughed brightly. Mission accomplished. I win. Takaki thought.
    The next day became Inoo’s turn to take a good care of the children. He was helped by Yabu. The two of them came to the house after Takaki and Hikaru left. Inoo thought he’s already lost but Yabu supported him so he decided to give his best. They were looking for the children when they came. The Moromotos were still busy playing their DS.
    “Hey boys!” Yabu greeted the both boys who were playing their DS. “What is that?” Yabu asked and put his butt on the couch.
    The Moromotos ignored Yabu. They were too busy to even realize Yabu’s arrival. Inoo who kept quiet followed Yabu without greeting the children and sat right next to the boys.
    “DS?” Yabu asked, “Who gave you these?”
    “Bakaki who took care of us yesterday gave it.” Ryutaro answered with his eyes still glued on the DS.
    “Oh my God!” Yabu grumbled. “I forbid you two playing this dummy game given by that dummy person!” Angry Yabu on mama-mode on took the DS from the boys who wanted protest but stopped after seeing Yabu’s angry face.
    “Just let them play Yabu-kun!” Inoo’s voice came out at last. “They are happy playing that game.”
    “No.” Yabu threw away the DS and broke it up. “Don’t you know this freaking game will give us no use? Too many drawbacks we’ll get. I don’t want the children who are under my care have bad eye and stupid brain.”
     “Okay. I think you two are already hungry. Let me cook something.” Inoo said after he gave up on protesting Yabu’s action. “Yabu-kun let them do something while waiting me!” Inoo ordered. At first when Inoo knew that Yabu would help him in the competition he felt very awkward. After the day when he was saved by Yabu Inoo felt very awkward each time he found Yabu around him. Knowing that Yabu seemed had no problem like he had, Inoo tried to ignored his awkward feeling and as good as possible acted like nothing happen.
    “I brought some games.” Yabu paused and opened his plastic bag. “I bought you puzzle, story book, and some good encyclopedia.” Yabu checked his goods.
    Although the Morimotos seemed dislike Yabu’s stuff they still agreed to play with that. And as the time passed they were enjoying their games. Arrange the difficult puzzle; although it seemed boring at first actually it was very exciting. Almost a half hour passed. Inoo came to the family room and asked the children to eat first before continuing their doings.
    “Wash your hand first, boys!” Yabu warned before they touched the food.
    “Don’t be that fussy, Yabu-kun.” Inoo said. “You’re worst than my mother.”
    “I’m not fussy. I only need to make sure the children won’t be sick, Inoo-kun” Yabu explained and made Inoo blushed because Yabu put his face too close to Inoo.
    The first night came. Yabu and Inoo made sure that the children already fell asleep before they prepared their self for sleeping. Inoo chose the room which was right next to the children’s while Yabu chose the room which was next to Inoo.  The midnight bell already passed when Inoo awoke not only because the hard storm outside but also because he heard crying voice from room next to him. It was impossible if Yabu did so he decided to check on the boys. Carefully Inoo opened the children room and he was shocked with what he saw. Ryutaro were hugging his little brother who was crying while Ryutaro himself can’t stop his own tears. 
    “What’s wrong Inoo-kun?” Inoo about to open the door wider when he felt someone patted his shoulder. Yabu now was standing right behind him.
    “The children… they are crying.” Inoo informed and pointed the hugging boys.
    “What are wrong, guys?” Yabu came to the room and followed by Inoo.
    “He is afraid of storm. Usually our parents will accompany us on stormy night.” Ryutaro informed when Yabu and Inoo sat on the edge of the bed.
    “It’s okay, boys.” Inoo said. “We will accompany you.” Inoo pulled Shintaro and hugged him tight while Yabu did the same to the older.
    “We will accompany your night so sleep well.” Yabu said and positioned the children right between Inoo and him. Slowly no more crying voice was heard. Shintaro slept well in Inoo’s arm while his older brother in Yabu’s. 
    “Good morning, guys.” Inoo greeted the boys, included Yabu, who seemed still asleep. After seeing Inoo they continued their dreamland visit. “Wake up, guys! It’s morning already. I’ve already prepared special breakfast for us.” Inoo shook the whole bed.
    “I’m sleepy Inoo-kun. And being all fussy is my duty.” Yabu sat up on the bad. His hair were all messy, it was the first time Inoo saw Yabu in that kind of pose so he was blushing.
    “Just wake up! Come on boys get dress and I’ll wait you all downstairs.” Inoo hid his blush by concentrating on waking up the Morimotos.
    “This breakfast isn’t special, Inoo-san.” The first voice heard was Ryutaro’s. It was the first time Inoo heard his voice properly. “It’s just some plain bread.” Shintaro added.
    “Don’t protest! Inoo-kun has made it special for us.” Yabu said after seeing an amused expression from Inoo which made him speechless. Inoo never imagined that the only one stormy night can make the children like that. Pouting, the children ate their breakfast. The whole day they spend by playing games together, not the one which was bought by Hikaru of course. Yabu asked them to do some good stuff such as gardening and playing puzzle or playing some quiz. The children kept laughing at that period although they started being annoyed by Yabu’s fussy comments or the one Inoo made.
    “Okay, guys, time to sleep!” Yabu announced.
    “It’s still too early to sleep.” Pouting the Morimoto brothers protested.
    “No, it’s already the time.” Yabu dragged the both boys upstairs and Inoo just followed them.
    “We don’t want to sleep, Yabu-mama and Inoo-papa!” The children said before locking Yabu and Inoo in their room. “Is it okay, nii-chan?” Shintaro asked.
    “It’s okay. I have good feeling that we done something good. More it’s tiring listen their command” Ryutaro said.
    The final day came. Yamada, Chinen, Daiki, Takaki and Hikaru already came to the house. The first thing they did was unlocking Yabu and Inoo who were blushing hard from the room. It’s strange because the two of them gave a loving aura around them.
“Okay, okay. Let’s decide who win this battle?” Takaki asked. He was confident enough to hear the result.
    “Be patient, Takaki-kun.” Yamada said. “Ryuu-chan! Shin-chan!” Chinen called for the boys.
“We already decided the winner.” Shintaro said after he came to the room. “We choose… Inoo-chan!” the both boys informed.
“Why is he?” Takaki asked. “I thought it will be me. I’m the one who can make you two laughs, right?”
“Yes. But we don’t want to have a father like you. Although the two of them all fussy like that but it’s nice to have them as our parents.” Ryutaro said. “Oh this is the time. I must go now my driver already waited us outside. And thanks Chii for the interesting game.” The Morimotos left the room.
“Wait… what’s wrong with interesting game?” Takaki asked confusedly.
“I hope you all not angry me. I’m sorry I lied, actually the two of them still have parents and I only asked then to pretend as orphan to help me hold this second battle. So the winner is Inoo-chan.  Let’s meet tomorrow to finish the last game, guys!” Chinen informed as he dragged Yamada along his running away from killer glare of Takaki. Daiki felt happy and Inoo gave no comment because he still blushing beside Yabu.
    Today was the last day of game. Everybody wondered who’ll win the battle. Takaki had a point from the first marathon game. Inoo got one point because of the children. The last question was who’ll get another one point to win the battle. And everybody also wondered what kind of game will come next.
    “Good morning, guys.” Chinen said. “I’m sure all of you already tired of this battle so I’ll make this last one fast.”
    “Today’s battle was ‘Let God Decides’” Chinen continued. “This game will test the God Love for you. It’s for Daiki sake too. Let God decides who’ll be Dai-chan’s boyfriend.”
    “How can we test that kind of thing?” Daiki asked.
    “It’s easy actually… we will play jan-ken.” ‘Hah!’ was everybody’s answer for what Chinen said.
    ‘How plain’ or ‘It’s too lame’ and ‘Can’t you give something more interesting’ were all Hikaru’s complain about the last game. Daiki protested Chinen about him though that he never mention that  kind of choice. But all of that ignored by Chinen.
    “Ok… come here Takaki and Inoo!” Chinen ordered and the two obeyed although they got no idea about what will happen.
    “… Jan-ken-pon!” Both Takaki and Inoo said at last. Takaki gave his scissor while Inoo showed his paper. Takaki won. He screamed aloud along with Daiki. Daiki was angry with the result.
    “It can’t be. It’s so ridiculous. Stop joke me.” Daiki grumbled.
    Although at first Hikaru seemed dislike the last battle he loved the result. He shook Takaki’s hand and congratulated Daiki on their officially date season. Inoo smiled and hugged Daiki, it seemed that he forgot that he warned Daiki to stay away from Takaki before. Yabu, Yamada and Chinen also did the same thing as Hikaru. Daiki fainted after the last hug from Chinen.
    It’s almost midnight when Daiki awoke. His mind kept repeating the fact that Takaki won the battle and he must be his boyfriend.  Daiki said to himself that Takaki winning thingy was all night mare. But he can’t say that anymore when he took his hand phone and saw Takaki’s mail.

Have you awake, Dai-chan? I wish you better now. By the way come to Haru park tomorrow 1 p.m. That will be our first date… Don’t you dare not coming, honey!

Your beloved boyfriend who love you very much <3<3<3<3
Takaki Yuya.

Daiki fainted for the second time that day.


Me:/ It’s great I can update this fic at this time. Indonesian people are still in the religious mode now. It’s a little difficult actually to give a new update. But I’m sure that God loves me so I can update this one. I’m sorry it’s a little lame. No Tadaiki moment in this part. But thank you for you all who read this fic. And don’t forget I’ll accept all critics and comments <3<3<3
Tags: fanfic, pairing: tadaiki, pairing: yamachii
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