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12 January 2016 @ 02:04 pm
For you, who wants to know me:

I am Vina. I have been living here in Indonesia since I was inside my mother’s tummy. I was born on the same month and in the same year as Yamada Ryosuke from Hey! Say! JUMP. My blood type is also the same with him. Unfortunately, I am neither a good singer nor a good dancer. I graduated from English Education major in my city and now I am on the process of achieving my dreams (struggling days and nights).

My first encounter with Japan was when I was in my elementary school. At that time, there were a bunch of Japanese dramas and animes on local televisions (now, everything is replaced with those stupid soap operas). Since that time, I have been reading manga and watching anime till now. The first JE group I knew was Arashi since Matsumoto Jun’s Hanadan was broadcasted as midnight program (It took real effort to be awake then) on local channel. Then, my friend lent me her DVD “Tantei Gakuen Q” and that was the first meeting of Yamada and I. After that, I became aware of the existence of Hey! Say! JUMP and Johnny’s Entertainment. In my high school, I had a friend who was a fan of JE and from her I gathered a lot of information. Although I have been mentioning Yamada Ryosuke many times in this entry, I am not a Yamada Oshi (or whatever you call). The list below is the summary of who I am in this world:

  1. I am an ikemen otaku. If people ask me what kind of otaku I am I will answer that I’m an ikemen otaku. Ikemen is my primary needed, my source of life.

  2. I love JE groups. My ichiban is Hey! Say! JUMP led by its three princesses Inoo, Daiki and Chinen. I used to like Yama a lot but now I prefer cuties rather than hotties. I also like Arashi (I mean who doesn’t?)

  3. I am a fujoshi. Yes, I love two boys flirting, kissing, hugging and whatever it is that looks or sounds romantic.

  4. I like 2.5 Dimension Boys. I watched Tenimyu when I started my university life and it has been some years I have loved those working very hard boys. It includes their agencies and their fans and even their idols.

  5. I love male seiyuus. Obviously. I love listening to BLCD so it is kind of impossible to not fall for that sexy voices.

  6. I am watching NND boys. I don’t watch them much but I have some of my favorites. Musumen from Odorite and Root Five (especially koma’n) from Utaite are the examples.  

  7. I like reading and watching in general.

So if anyone of you find me interesting and want to be my friend feel free to add me. I won’t update much but I will try my best to avoid it so I can connect to all of you often. Nice to meet you everyone.

So sorry, for a long post >_<

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28 February 2017 @ 10:09 am
Hello again from Melbourne. It's me, the girl who keep skipping writing fic for many reasons.

Just want to give a little update on my life.

I've told you guys that I'm now in Melbourne to pursue my study. Now, it has been almost a month for me to be here and this week classes are actually starting. In fact I've just finished my first lecturers for twi subject which I could say it was pretty fun. I was expecting that it will be heavier with the demand and stuff luckily it had not turned out that way. I could enjoy both classes. There are still 3 more classes I have to attend so I'll update more later.

I really need to spend more time in writing, self reminder.
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17 February 2017 @ 12:39 pm
Hello 2017!

Hello Livejournal....

It's Vina, who's always been unactive, again.

So... here I would like to tell you all, who maybe, probably, still like checking on my stuff in this site, that I've moved to Australia to pursue my master. I've just arrived about a week ago and I'll be here for about 2 years, what a long time to spend. I have been adapting well I think and my maximum concern now is how I can fangirl in this country. If there is one of you who live in Australia please kindly tell how can I access all of my fangirling stuffs here.

If I cannot access those, I'm sure that I will be off fujoshi-ing for a while until I return to my country, which is not fun really. I cannot imagine my whole life without fangirling here while I'm sure the stress of doing master is unbearable.

I will try to do something new though. I really want to write again but let see what can I do here.

That's what I have been thinking this week. Trying so hard to be able to adapt and improve myself. Wish me luck guys.

Still spreading the love,
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30 December 2015 @ 01:36 pm
  After checking my last post, I've just realized that I haven't been updating for 3 years, more or less. It is weird considering the fact that I  never stop using livejournal. I think the main reason why I don't write anything for the past three years is that I don't really like communicating through written media. I can talk for hours but it's difficult for me to sit down and writing even just for minutes, with exception the times I must do my school's assignments (I could write for hours that time because the deadline was always around the corner). I'm so sorry for those who follow my fanfiction becuase I kind of leave it unfinished. I really apologize for that (although I am not sure if there are still my readers around).

  Now, let's get to the business. Because of some reasons, I think I will be updating my post again (now, regularly) starting next year, I hope I can do it since i want to learn writing and to connect with my oldfriends here. I am still with the same fandoms as before so I am sure that I can continue with this. I think that's all for today. In the first day of 2016 I think I'll make an introduction post since I have not made that. See you next year!

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05 June 2011 @ 10:04 am
Title: Another Hanadan Story (7)
Rating: PG
Pairing: Takaki X Daiki, side: Yabu X Inoo, Yamada X Chinen
Genre: Comedy, AU, Romance???
Disclaimer: Kamio Yoko own the plot
Warning: Bad english, unstructured grammar *wish you understand what I mean*
Summary: Remember The lovey dovey Tsukasa and Tsukushi??? Here their son The Great Takaki Yuya comes...
Notes: unbeta'ed, bad grammar

Seventh PetalCollapse )
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05 June 2011 @ 09:16 am
Starting today I’m officially back. It’s been a year without updating my livejournal. Maybe so many people already forgot about me. Hahaha. But I’m sure that keiyuu_ruka and nikuta still remember me because they sent me birthday wishes, thank you guys. There are also my RL friends who are also my fangirling friends around me actually, I wish that everybody still remember me. I don’t know why but I feel like I must introduce myself. I never do this before, my first post wasn’t about my introduction I’m sure.
I’m Vina, I love this name. I’m 18th right now. I should be in the age where I can understand which is good and which isn’t. But this is me, a childish young adult who is afraid of being old. When I was in elementary school I started my Japanese-love-behavior. At first I just randomly watched TV and found that Japanese anime interesting. When one of my national TV started broadcasting some dorama I also got interested on it.
My junior high became the period when my interest on Japanese thingy getting bigger. I started reading comics, buying them and flailing around over. The time when my junior high almost finish I knew about Yamada Ryosuke, Hey! Say! JUMP, Matsumoto Jun and Arashi. Thanks to my friend who accidently let me know about them.
When my high school period came, my knowledge about Johnny’s and Associates getting deeper. Collecting their video, dorama, PV, single and performances becomes my habit. Sometimes I feel that I can’t live without watching them. KAT-TUN, NEWS, SMAP and all of JE members becomes the reason why I can live this life happily.
Recently I found AKB48 and get used over them. At first I never think about being a girls-group fangirl. I hate them for being bitchy around my sparkling Idols. But I was wrong. They are good girls. Japanese idol groups are always great. They have brain, beauty and behavior, although I’m not sure that all of Idols’ brains have good signal.
That’s all from me for this period. I’ve finished my high school. And still don’t know about my future. I’m waiting for university entrance announcement. And I have nothing to do this long time. Wish you all know me better starting today. Thank you for reading. Yoroshiku ne.     
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25 December 2010 @ 10:29 am

I know that I'm no more updating my journal for almost forever. And I'm really sorry that I haven't finished my fic "Another Hanadan Story", which is, I'm sure that already forgotten. Maybe all of this happens due to my lack of inspiration and my school work. I'm in my last year of high school, which is mean I must be prepared for the national examination and University Entrance Examination thingy. It's not that I abandon my fandom world, but still I need to reduce my lovely-time-on-my-lovely-world, that's why I still can't continue my fic. You can say that I'm now on my long-long hiatus season. No, no don't think that I'm a very good student who studies every night preparing the exam, it's a big no. I'm still, you know screaming whenever I watch the cute Chinen singing, fainting when I see Yamada's sexy pose, and also crying because of the drama that I watch recently. And only because of that I already can't concentrate for my last exam which results three 7 scores on my report. Maybe that's all for now, in summary I just want to say that...


24 September 2010 @ 11:37 am
Title: Hate and Love
Author: Vina
Type: Drabble
Rating: PG
Pairing: various
Summary: There’s love and hate at the same time.
Warning: Bad English

One story says
Yamada hates Takaki. He hates the way Chinen enjoying himself around Takaki. He hates the way Takaki always spoils Chinen. Although people around see Takaki and Chinen as brothers, Yamada will never acknowledge it. He will always hate Takaki.
Takaki himself hates Yamada. He hates Yamada when Yamada can freely have fun with Daiki. He hates Yamada when the younger can make Daiki enjoying himself. When Daiki with Yamada, Takaki’s afraid he will lose Daiki.
Not much different from Takaki anda Yamada, Daiki and Chinen hate each other. Daiki dislike Chinen’s spoiled act toward Takaki. Chinen pisses of when Daiki takes his pleasurable time with Yamada.
Yuto and Hikaru have grudge on each other. Yuto will be angry whenever Hikaru disturbs The Engrish Boy’s mysterious time. And Hikaru will be disappointed whenever Yuto acts cool and and try to protect Keito.
The Engrish boy hates both Yuto and Hikaru. He hates them whenever they ruin his reading time. They snap each other right on his ears.
Inoo will say sarcastic word to Yabu when Yabu leaves him for his schedule. And Yabu sulks when Inoo leaves him for his study. At that time they will declare that they hate each other.
The youngest boy in the group, although he always keeps quite he hates all JUMP’s members because of 3 reasons. First, because they are noisy. Second, because they love to tease him. And the last because all of JUMP’s member ruin his innocent mind by public hug, make out and many more.
In another story
Yamada won’t be angry to Takaki because he loves the way Chinen smile when he with Takaki.
Takaki loves the way Daiki acts as himself when he spends his time with Yamada.
As long as their boyfriends still theirs, Daiki and Chinen won’t hit each other. Daiki loves it, when Takaki acts manly by spoiling Chinen. Chinen always enjoys his time when Yamada sleeps on his shoulder after his tiring game with Daiki.
Although Yuto hates Hikaru’s prank on Keito, he actually feels relieve because Hikaru’s prank can make Keito smiles widely. Hikaru is very thankful t Yuto because he always protects Keito.
Keito can’t leave Yuto and Hikaru because deep inside his heart he fells happy around them, and not lonely anymore.
Yabu and Inoo’s grumbling will always end up with their lovey dovey scene.
Ryutaro hates everybody at the same time as he loves everyone. He, for goodness sake, has 9 people for asking help, 9 people for sharing his pain, and 9 people for leaning on.
And they end the story with the word love.
A/N: HAPPY BIRTHDAY HEY! SAY! JUMP… Wish you all the best. I’m sorry if many grammatical errors occur. I’m in the middle of Biology Class now. Comments and critics are love...
05 September 2010 @ 08:10 am
Title: Another Hanadan Story (6)
Rating: PG *it's very very safe*
Pairing: Takaki X Daiki, side: Yabu X Inoo, Yamada X Chinen
Genre: Comedy, AU, Romance???
Disclaimer: Kamio Yoko own the plot... I'm sorry I continue your story.
Warning: Bad english, unstructured grammar *wish you understand what I mean*
Summary: Remember The lovey dovey Tsukasa and Tsukushi??? Here their son The Great Takaki Yuya comes...
Notes: unbeta'ed, bad grammar

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15 August 2010 @ 08:21 am
Title: Another Hanadan Story (5)
Rating: PG *it's very very safe*
Pairing: Takaki X Daiki, side: Yabu X Inoo, Yamada X Chinen
Genre: Comedy, AU, Romance???
Disclaimer: Kamio Yoko own the plot... I'm sorry I continue your story.
Warning: Bad english, unstructur grammar =>wish you guys understand what I mean in this story<=
Summary: Remember The lovey dovey Tsukasa and Tsukushi??? Here their son The Great Takaki Yuya comes...
Notes: unbeta'ed, bad grammar

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